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Upcoming Workshops

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Mary Lynn Michal

Thursday, November 3, 5 pm MDT

Improving 12 Techniques/Concepts That Will Make You a Better Hammered Dulcimer Player.

 Let’s face it, we could all benefit from working on our fundamentals. This class will be an opportunity to improve (or learn how to play) valley rolls, 3 note rolled chords, hammer grip and strike, hand independence, dynamics, keeping our eyes on the bridges while playing in the sweet spot, tuning, rhythm, scales, full range arpeggios, open and closed harmony, and tremolos. Why work on these techniques? You will find that your tunes are easier to play, you will have more fun and you will sound better!

A Hammered dulcimer-focused workshop

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Jessica Comeau

Thursday, December 15th, 5 pm MST

Medieval and Ancient Christmas Songs

Come and be spirited away to Christmas past through the power of song… In this mountain dulcimer workshop, we will illuminate the unique warmth of medieval and early Christmas music, including Personent Hodie, In des jares zircklikeit, and Danielis Prophetia.

Please bring a capo!

A Mountain Dulcimer-Focused Workshop

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Erin Mae Lewis

Thursday January 19th, 5 pm MDT

Playing in "The Other" Keys: Why? When? How?
I'm sure you know it's possible to play in keys beside D, but do you know why, when, or how to do so? This class breaks down the mystery of other keys. We'll talk about contexts where playing in different keys is particularly helpful. We'll talk about two methods of learning music in other keys -- is it best to learn it first in D and then transpose, or learn it first in the "hard key"? Finally, we'll actually play some music in different keys and dive into a little of the music theory that helps us get there. 
A class focused on chromatic mountain dulcimer, but with helpful info for diatonic mountain dulcimer and hammered dulcimer players.

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The Dulcimer Crossing Teachers

Our teachers have decades of experience, they span multiple generations and instruments and come from all over the country (and Germany!).  They bring a wide range of dulcimer expertise to the community in order to enrich and equip our playing of the sweet music.

Meet our Teachers

It all started with a dream…

In 2007, my husband and I were living in St. Thomas, preparing to move back to the states.
We planned to settle in Franklin, TN, 30 miles south of Nashville, and open a dulcimer store at “The Factory,” a historic building that was once a stove factory but...

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